"... quality musicians that know their instruments so intimately that they command my enjoyment, no matter what genre. In addition to that sentiment, having a sultry, emotion-driven vocalist definitely demands a listening ear."

— Aiden McGinnis, ME Music News

Ky Myle - Originated in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, blending their sound with the influences of Country, Bluegrass, Roots, and Rock. Led by husband and wife duo, Rick and Pam Kinman. They were brought together by the very music that they love. Their vocal harmonies add a unique element that is reminiscent of the great country duets of the past and present. In 2015, Ky Myle celebrated the release of thier debut EP,  Vein Of Coal. Ky Myle pours their love for what they do into every single note of every song and devotes all of their energy into making each performance greater than the last.

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